Practice Areas

I offer neutral dispute resolution services to help individuals, businesses, and organizations move beyond conflict barriers to peace of mind.

The most effective uses for my services are in situations of discontent that may be building to the point of legal action, whether in the business community, between landlords and their tenants, healthcare providers and their patients, or family members during elder care. My goal is to help you restore communication, and resolve the conflict without the time and expense of a civil case. Below are some of the most common types of disputes I can help resolve.

Homeowner / Contractor Dispute Resolution


A homeowner is in the process of a remodel of their home or outdoor area and becomes dissatisfied with some aspect of of the work being done. Likewise, the contractor is frustrated with lack of payment for work completed, maintaining that all is being carried out properly. Communication breaks down, the project is stalled, and litigation over payment is a potential worry. A mediator can help both parties express their points of view and reach an agreement without formal litigation.

Landlord / Tenant
Dispute Resolution


A landlord and the tenant have a deteriorating relationship during the lease agreement. Whether surrounding timely payment of rent, property maintenance, or the return of a security deposit after  the tenant has left the premises, potential litigation is a concern for both sides. To avoid an expensive and time-consuming civil suit, a mediator can help both parties reach an acceptable settlement.

Patient / Healthcare Provider Dispute Resolution


A patient and healthcare provider are at odds over some aspect of care or payment for services. Tension builds toward potential litigation unless the conflict is neutralized and resolved. A mediator is a neutral party who can bridge the gap in such a conflict and find a solution acceptable to both parties.

Family Member Disagreement Resolution


Family members are at odds over the care or financial management of an elderly parent. Tempers flare, accusations of mismanagement occur, and family relationships deteriorate with the threat of legal action. A trained mediator can remain neutral in these highly charged situations and help family members reach an agreeable solution.

Neighborhood Disagreements Resolution


Neighborhood disputes frequently end up in Small Claims court, when in fact, they are ideal for mediation. Unless a move is contemplated, neighbors need to resolve disagreements to achieve peaceful coexistence. Whether over a tree overgrowth issue, noise, or the repair cost of a shared fence, these matters can cause unnecessary anger, frustration, and ultimately court costs. Mediation is an effective tool to reach reasonable solutions. 

Neutral mediation is a proven and effective way to manage disputes.   It saves time, money, and the emotional drain of legal action.  All parties  benefit when conflicts are resolved before going to court.